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There are five B-BBEE elements that make up the generic scorecard, with each element having a certain number of points assigned to it. An entity is measured against each element and their total across all elements will determine their B-BBEE status level.

The highest status level for B-BBEE is Level 1, which is 100 points or more, and the lowest is Level 8, where the entity achieves between 40 – 55 points. There is also a non-compliant level, where the entity gets less than 40 points.


  • This is a priority element
  • Its weighting on the scorecard is 25 points
  • A sub-minimum of 40% of net value must be reached

Ownership refers to the percentage of ownership interests (voting rights, shareholding, etc.) which are held by black people in general and black women specifically.


  • Its weighting on the scorecard is 15 points (plus 4 bonus points)

Management Control relates to the proportion of black people who can impact the direction of a business, such as a board member or a person holding a senior management position.


  • This is a priority element
  • Its weighting on the scorecard is 20 points (plus 5 bonus points)
  • A sub-minimum of 40% must be scored overall

Skills Development measures the investment an entity makes in the training and development of their black employees.


  • This is a priority element
  • Its weighting on the scorecard is 40 points (plus 4 bonus points)
  • A 40% sub-minimum must be scored under each sub-category (Preferential Procurement, Supplier Development, and Enterprise Development)

This element is the largest on the scorecard and measures an entity’s involvement in supporting, developing and growing black-owned businesses and black-owned suppliers in their supply chain.


  • Its weighting on the scorecard is 5 points

This relates to the extent to which an entity carries out corporate social investment efforts, to uplift black individuals and communities. The agri sector is the only exception, where a 1.5% contribution of net profit after tax will gain an entity 15 points.