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Signa Advisors specialise in transformation, empowerment and growth. By providing professional and strategic management consulting solutions to clients, whether it be in B-BBEEE compliance solutions, HR solutions, upskilling or enterprise development, they help to grow long-term value for the company.

Many advisors are women and play an important role in the diversity needed in the business advisory sector. But which key skills do women bring to business advisory organisations such as Signa? We asked the women of Signa what they thought and here’s what they had to say.


“Women tend to be relationship focused, and we are often able to draw in stakeholders from many different areas to work toward a common goal. Signa Group gives us opportunities to invest in each other and to hold ourselves and others to a higher standard, all while being acknowledged for our efforts and successes.”


“Women who understand all the facets of running a home, will understand how to run a company. Planning, communicating, organising – but most importantly, being flexible! Women understand that you have to be able to adapt, reconsider and innovate.”

A culture of accountability

“We foster a culture of accountability in the workplace. We get things done but we also take responsibility for our mistakes.”


“Women are naturally enterprising, but owing to maternal and domestic responsibilities these entrepreneurial efforts were often constrained by circumstances and restricted to a micro-scale. To work at Signa means extending the impact women had on a small scale to a wider set of beneficiaries in communities – particularly the young adults of our communities.”

Challenging the status quo

“The ICT sector is perceived as predominantly male. Being a woman in a position of leadership in the ICT Sector, I see this as an opportunity to level the playing field. A strong woman becomes powerful by working hard and being flexible.”


“Diversity, not just gender but also age and race, makes us better problem-solvers. Working with people who think differently, challenges one to think differently too – and that’s how you come up with innovative ideas that drive the business forward.”

Soft Skills

“Soft skills. Emotional intelligence, empathy, conflict management, communicating clearly, providing structure and mentoring – all these skills help us to execute the strategic intent.”

Women believe in meaningful work

“This work is not about numbers and spreadsheets. It is about connecting with people, helping them through complex challenges, and enjoying the satisfaction of seeing clients meet their goals.”

“I am able to contribute towards making a real impact in the lives of young people in South Africa. My contribution is in the development of skills programmes and learnerships courses that are aimed at upskilling unemployed or underskilled individuals so that they can leverage existing opportunities and sustain long-term employment, thereby improving their quality of life and becoming economically active.”


“Working in the advisory business is about educating and engaging – being able to listen, empathise, teach and coach. Women naturally gravitate towards these methods.”

Women grow other women

“Younger women need mentors to help them develop their careers, and supporters to recognise their achievements. They need to see other women in senior leadership positions. Telling our stories as women advisors is a powerful way to empower the youth.”

And there you have it – the voices of our Signa team certainly tell the story of how women in business bring different perspectives, different problem-solving strategies as well as different networks to companies, providing them with new opportunities for growth.

Signa remains committed to upskilling individuals and transforming societies – and when women’s contributions in the workplace are recognised and valued, societies are transformed.