Signa Group firmly believes in the transformative impact we can have within our country. Many individuals are currently unemployed and facing significant hardships, lacking the opportunities to actively participate in the economy and secure a promising future for themselves and their children. Our vision is to prepare Africa for a working future. We accomplish this through a range of business solutions designed to foster sustainable change.


Collective, we are the leading company in economic transformation solutions, with a primary focus on teaching individuals new skills, helping businesses succeed, making smart investments, creating jobs, managing bursaries, improving communities, and leveraging technology to move forward.


Through our measurable B-BBEE strategies, we are committed to driving sustainable growth, empowerment, and positive change.


Our credibility stems from a company with a value system that genuinely prioritises the well-being and advancement of individuals, businesses, and communities aiming at creating a brighter future for all.

What Makes Us Different?

  • We are a full B-BBEE solutions organisation.
  • We provide nationwide learning opportunities through accredited learnerships, apprenticeships, and short courses.
  • We facilitate, source, and host YES4Youth employment programmes.
  • We manage and fund youth students to extend their tertiary education.
  • We provide strategic support, procurement compliance, and guidance to businesses.
  • We invest in promising ownership ventures, providing financial support, growth, and expertise.
  • We leverage cutting-edge technologies to drive digital transformation.


In our Group, we care about changing lives, and we do this through our Power of One initiative. The Power of One is one purpose, one passion, one team, where we encourage every person or business owner to make a difference in the life of another. Every action, no matter how small can make a difference – this is the collective purpose of the Signa member entities.

We have aligned our work to the UN Sustainable Development Goals to address socio-economic challenges.


Through our Signa values, we aim to inspire and uplift people and

businesses to make a significant and meaningful impact toward a better future.

Signa complies with and incorporates ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles by implementing sustainable business practices, fostering diversity and inclusion, and ensuring transparent and responsible decision-making at all levels.

“I believe in the potential of South Africa and its people, we can create a viable economy and a generation ready for the working future.” – Janine Piper (Signa Founder)