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Backed by years of experience, our Signa Advisors provide professional and strategic management consulting solutions that deliver sustainable and meaningful value to our clients. While this contributes to transformation, it simultaneously drives economic growth.


Navigating B-BBEE legislation can be challenging, but it is essential to ensure compliance and avoid considerable penalties. Signa Advisors have the expertise to guide you in ensuring that your company earns scorecard points, while honouring the spirit of B-BBEE.

Human resources consulting

Human Resources is an essential business function but one that is time-consuming. We draw on our years of experience to identify risks and opportunities within HR, and we formulate a strategy that is up to date with legislation and which helps clients accomplish their organisational objectives.

Enterprise and supplier development

As B-BBEE advisory experts, we specialise in transformation, empowerment and growth. We help medium to large companies identify quick wins, and then focus on how to grow these into long-term solutions that are within a client’s budget and meet their business objectives.

Supplier database management

With a proactive preferential procurement service, B1SA provides clients with reliable, accurate data that can be used to make informed decisions about their company’s sourcing and procurement processes, and their strategic transformation objectives.