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The Marketing Project Manager plays a vital role in the Signa Group marketing department. Be responsible for the development, planning, execution, and smooth running of projects, organising and managing the production of the campaigns’ branding, marketing and advertising elements. Developing, creating and implementing the tasks given by the Group Senior Marketing Specialist. Activities such as industry and product researching, creating, copywriting, editing and proof-reading content. Corporate identity alignment, quality control and roll out. Product, project and event planning, organising and coordinating. Involved in broadcast, digital, social, print and communication campaigns, planning, roll out, and reporting.





Project Management

  • Build and maintain an excellent relationship with each subsidiary company and suppliers based on trust, a deep knowledge of their business and industry, what their brand/project needs, identifying opportunities and continual communication.
  • Assist in developing marketing strategies and identifying opportunities with the Head of Marketing Strategy.
  • 360-degree Project management based on strategies and project scopes, be hands-on involved with projects and campaigns – management and the deliverables.
  • Product, project and event planning, organising and coordinating.
  • Communication and collateral campaigns, planning, roll out, reporting and maintenance include social media, digital platforms, broadcast and print media.
  • Drive each element of a project through initialisation and execution to final delivery.
  • Contribute to the good financial management of a project, improving profitability wherever possible.
  • Create the best possible environment in which to produce the best possible work. Is responsible for ensuring that his/her teams have the right time and resources to help deliver projects.
  • Build the respect and loyal commitment of team members, of the department and of the company as a whole.
  • Delegate effectively and appropriately with clear and excellent communications (written and verbally).



Marketing Department Assistance

  • Represent the marketing department internally at Signa Group and be available to Signa Group staff members.
  • Build trustworthy relationships a with all stakeholders.
  • Liaising with the Signa Group on behalf of the marketing department.
  • Assist the marketing department with initiatives as operationally required.
  • Compiling, Reports, Agenda’s and Minutes of Meeting (M.O.M.) as required.
  • Distribute newsletters via MailChimp/Bitrix24 in support with Signa Group IT department.
  • Develop and maintain all mailing lists ensuring they are kept up to date.
  • Maintain the Portal database in support with Signa Group IT department.
  • Assist the marketing department with tender and competition applications and document preparations.
  • Develop and maintain intranet – photos and documents on the cloud system.


Content Development (Copy writing and editing) - Assisting

  • Content development for magazine articles as required.
  • Content development for the Portal.
  • Content development for specific project campaigns.
  • Content development for case studies.
  • Content development for social media posts.
  • Content development for Power of One and E-book.
  • Content development for newsletters (both to employees and clients).
  • Content development for collateral items, profiles, articles and websites as required.
  • Review, proofread and edit copy in general as operationally required.


Marketing Research

  • Research project specific content as required.
  • Research company specific content as required.



  • Assist, plan and coordinate with general projects at Signa Group as operationally required.
  • Assist, plan and coordinate with specific project campaigns at Signa Group as operationally required.
  • Prepare Power of One campaigns and marketing initiatives.
  • Prepare Power of e-book, both learner and sponsorship stories.
  • Create and prepare Portal campaigns and initiatives.


Digital & Social Media

  • Execute and maintain digital and social media strategy, competitive and audience analyses.
  • Execute creating content for social media platforms.
  • Regularly update content social media platforms, websites and portal.
  • Collaborating in creating content for websites and other online advertising platforms.
  • Collaborating with the different departments, obtaining information and developing projects.
  • Monitor metrics and adapt strategy if needed.
  • Monitor online publicity – links to other sites, competitors etc.
  • Identify key opportunities internally and externally.
  • Obtain and compile monthly reports on status of each platform and website.




The Marketing Project Manager will:

  • Work in the office, within the marketing department (Covid Compliant).
  • Coordinate activities and assist in all areas of marketing.
  • Take ownership and responsibility of allocated projects.
  • Must attend meetings/events outside of office – if required.
  • Valid driver’s license required.
  • Own transport required.
  • Perform administrative, management, research and content development work to support the marketing team.
  • Perform and organise digital, social media, broadcast, print and community marketing work to support the marketing team.




  • Qualification in Marketing – Degree.
  • Complete courses in Social media – Advantageous.
  • Qualification in Branding – Advantageous.
  • Qualification in Project Management, Business Management – Advantageous.




  • Friendly and efficient manner.
  • Creative and analytical skills.
  • Have good understanding and knowledge of marketing processes, platforms, trends and insights.
  • Have good understanding and knowledge of the creative design processes and applications.
  • Planning and project management skills.
  • Ability to develop social media strategies and content.
  • Strong customer service skills.
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to source, compile, write new and edit content.
  • Strong communication skills (verbally and written).
  • Effective time management to ensure efficient achievement of objects.
  • Accuracy and attention to details.
  • Ability to work without supervision.
  • Ability to multitask.
  • Take ownership of activities.
  • Ethical and trustworthy – able to work with sensitive and confidential information.
  • Organised and professional, be respectable to others.
  • Ability to work with strict deadlines and urgent requests.
  • Hard working and self-motivated.
  • Dress and act in a manner that enhances the reputation of the employer.
  • Create an environment where challenge is the norm.
  • Has courage to challenge the client, team and business thinking and provides detail and rationale to support the challenge.
  • Is passionate about the client, work, their teams and the Company.
  • Presents positively in all that they do, with flexibility and in a positive attitude.




  • Minimum 5 years senior in marketing, branding and project management.
  • Experience in managing projects, resources, timeline and budgets.
  • Experience in copywriting, editing, proof-reading and creating new content.
  • Experience in organising collateral for events and make bookings.
  • Experience in social media strategies and campaigns.
  • Experience in working with employees, team members, suppliers and clients.
  • Experience in Google Search.
  • Experience in MS Office and G Suite.
  • Fully computer literate.
  • Experience on all digital and social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Google Adwords).
  • Experience in PPC, SEO and Analytics.
  • Experience in AB Testing.
  • Basic knowledge of Mailchimp, Bitrix24, CMS/WordPress, HTML, website design and development.
  • Fluency in English communications (verbal and written).


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