Empowering Diversity and Commemorating Women’s Impact


In a world where every action carries weight, Signa Group shines as a beacon of unity and progress. Not only does the group commemorate its women employees, but it also acknowledges the invaluable role that women play across its member entities. The underlying message is crystal clear: every endeavor matters, and the contributions of women empower collective South Africa. 


Amid this symphony of endeavors, the saying, “When you give a woman anything, she will give it back to you in multiplicity,” holds a deep resonance within the heart of Signa. This resonates as a reminder that every action has a far-reaching impact. It’s this very belief that propels Signa’s mission to create meaningful change.


Tulani Hlabangana, a prominent figure within the group, echoes this sentiment. She firmly believes that an inclusive workplace is not just a reflection of company culture, but a demonstration of positive values that uplift the entire organisation. Hlabangana’s philosophy rests on the foundation that a thriving workplace mirrors a thriving society.


Translating these principles into the professional realm, the workplace becomes an extended family – a cohesive team bound by unique strengths. Reflecting this unity are cultural touchstones: a Sesotho proverb, “Phela le botho, o be le botho,” which translates to “Live with humanity, be humane,” the Zulu-rooted term “Imbokodo,” symbolizing “rock or boulder,” and the Afrikaans maxim, “’n Gelukkig lewe kom uit ‘n gelukkige huis,” conveying “Happiness starts at home.” Together, these elements encapsulate the cohesive spirit that defines Signa’s organisational culture.


In the interviews with Signa women, the word “Izzat,” referring to respect derived from Hindi and Urdu, surfaced. When the sun rises, the nucleus of the ever-changing landscape in the economy grounds our workforce through values. This Women’s Month, we applaud the spectrum of individuals unique to their rich skill sets sharing Signa’s aim, vision, and mission. By sunset, through the wilderness of clients’ needs, Signa’s employee structure softens the fusion of non-identical and independent approaches. “This is home away from home. I found mothers and sisters here at Signa Group, there is a natural bond, sisterhood, and light,” relayed one employee.


When we empower women, their influence ripples through society like drops in an arid landscape, gradually revitalizing and transforming the surroundings. Women’s impact is profound, extending from individual families to entire communities and broader society.


Recognising the power of collaboration, thriving multinational corporations understand that embracing pride in collective achievements yields greater benefits than persevering in isolation. By investing in the cultivation of collaborative work relationships, these companies elevate their performance, raising the standards and interweaving essential social skills such as maturity and empathy to foster harmonious coexistence.


Signa is dedicated to accelerating the progress of women, creating a ripple effect that empowers previously overlooked voices to emerge as future catalysts for change. This momentum can be witnessed in the burgeoning success of women-owned businesses.

We invite you to join us this month in celebrating and amplifying diversity, a force that amplifies intrinsic values and enhances every facet of a company’s culture. Our commitment to diversity magnifies the positive impact we bring forth, influencing the solutions, results, and overall outcomes that shape the collective lives of women.