Empowering SA’s Workforce Through Artisan Training


Did You Know?


“Our Artisan in a Box offering combines artisan training with targeted business and entrepreneurial skills development. During the onboarding process, each Artisan in a Box apprentice receives a comprehensive start-up kit that includes the tools necessary to succeed in the programme”.


Signa Artisans is an unwavering force of change, not just an Engineering Skills Training Centre. The exercising of individuals’ continuous growth in skills development through this programme empowers and shapes the future of artisans in SA’s workforce.


Enabling Skills, Creating Jobs

Signa Artisans firmly hold on to the belief that a prosperous economy hinges on the expertise of skilled artisans. Industries spanning from manufacturing and mining to engineering and infrastructure development rely heavily on the competence and qualifications of artisans. The standards of the artisan training approach come from a 35-year wealth of industry knowledge and a track record where the elevation of training quality steadily surpasses each year. From conception and throughout Signa Artisans’ trajectory, core values of Integrity, Excellence, Diversity, Loyalty, and Stewardship remain wholeheartedly at the forefront of business principles. 


State-of-the-art Training Facilities in Gauteng

Jet Park, Gauteng Skills Training Centre is committed to providing prime quality accredited artisan training and boasts exceptional engineering workshops and modern classrooms. 


Changing Lives and Transforming Businesses

To make it a mission and to carry forward that vision Signa Artisan’s SETA accredited (MerSETA, NAMB, QCTO, TETA), apprenticeship training, learnerships, Mechanical Skills, and Mobile & Lifting programmes make a positive impact collectively on individuals, businesses, and the country. 


Inclusivity and Community Focus

To be trusted with the task of skills development, a competent workforce, and to meet the increasing demands of the industry, Signa Artisans provides education and training that accommodates every individual. The empowered practical training meets individuals where they’re at and delivers them to take charge of their abilities and to pilot the community-orientated economy.


Explore more about Signa Artisans here: www.signaartisans.co.za