Kwelanga Training – Leaders in corporate training since 2007


Kwelanga Training’s trusted advisors have years of experience and success in guiding learning and development leaders, training managers, and HR professionals in identifying solutions that solve business challenges through training.


Specialising in leadership development, communication, personal effectiveness, and business administration, Kwelanga Training has a robust record of exceptional customer satisfaction and retention. Their training solutions are crafted to exceed the evolving needs of professionals across industries.


“Our core values reflect those of our people and our clients – Innovation, Communication, Accountability, Passion, and Commitment”.


Redefining the workforce


In an era where change is constant, the need for continuous learning and development is paramount. Kwelanga Training believes in transforming the workforce through innovative and impactful training solutions that drive personal and professional growth.


Leveraging expertise expansion through transformational value


“Our primary aim is to leverage training gain by demonstrating the transformational value that skills deployment delivers post-training”.


Kwelanga’s purpose is to Engage, Inspire, and Elevate through training that solves business challenges and leads to workplace results. Their generic courses range from 1-3 days and can be tailored to foster skills development and growth in virtual and face-to-face formats. They are credited experts in transforming theoretical knowledge into practical skills, ensuring that every learning opportunity is engaging and relevant.


Meaningful behaviour change


“Our vision is to provide technology-driven learning solutions that enhance the 70-20-10 learning model in producing meaningful behaviour change that impacts business results”.


Adopting the strategic approach to learning by integrating the 70-20-10 learning model into training methodologies and leveraging this framework ensures:

  • Continuous training.
  • Application of learning post-training.
  • Maximising investment in employee development.


Impact and Benefits

Testimonials from satisfied delegates and clients attest to the positive changes in their training and what it has brought to their organisations.


The benefits that Kwelanga Training offers:

  • Skills Development

Kwelanga Training programmes are designed to develop soft skills and enhance professional development.

  • Flexible Training

Their public open programmes offer the flexibility of dates year-round so that clients can balance staff training where numbers are small and where scheduling is challenging.

  • Customisation and relevance

Closed groups offer the option of customisation to ensure content and audience relevance, while the implementation of Kwelanga’s Learning Journey Framework allows for skills deployment post-training.

  • Offers Vouchers


Vouchers for open programmes make space for client subscriptions on a large scale, but they aren’t restricted to employees or courses, so clients get the best value for their training investment.

As a Signa client, Kwelanga Training offers automatically a 20% discount on public courses. Use the Discount Code: SIGNA758 – Offer expires 30 September 2024.


By partnering with Kwelanga, clients can retain their most valuable talent through maximum employee engagement and skills deployment, shape the future of the workforce, and drive economic growth through the power of learning and development.

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