Signa Group Paved The Way With Two New Business Acquisitions


Signa Group is pleased to share some significant developments within our organisation. We have recently welcomed two valuable additions to our group of companies, Kwelanga Training and Delta Health and Safety Equipment.


Kwelanga Training: Strengthening Learning Opportunities


For the past 15 years, Kwelanga Training has been a reliable source of business skills training and accredited short courses for numerous corporate clients. Under the leadership of Marc van Rensburg and his dedicated team, Kwelanga has consistently delivered high-quality training programs.


The integration of Kwelanga within the Signa family enhances our commitment to offering diverse learning opportunities. From young students’ to seasoned professionals, our expanded range of programs caters to a broader audience. This move in ownership allows Kwelanga to concentrate on its specialised products and services while benefiting from Signa’s resources. In alignment, we aim to offer a comprehensive training solution to the learning market.


Delta Health and Safety Equipment: Safeguarding Lives


Delta Health and Safety Equipment, led by CEO Warren Lewis for the past two decades, is renowned for providing safety equipment that protects individuals working in hazardous environments. Delta’s products have played a vital role in ensuring safety in high-risk work settings.


Starting this new fiscal year, Signa Group has become the majority shareholder of Delta Health and Safety Equipment. This transition has elevated Delta to a Level 1 B-BBEE contributor, reflecting our commitment to diversity and inclusion in the business landscape. In addition, this supports Signa’s growth in the infrastructure solutions space. The partnership between Signa and Delta will allow the latter to focus on its core products and services while benefiting from the support and expertise of Signa.


Signa continues to cultivate a culture of growth and alliance away from the old traditional independent spirit that is often inherited. Driving South Africa’s economic infrastructure and Preparing Africa for a working Future can be measured through a collection of branches on one bough. Our success and impact from the maze of businesses sustaining South Africa’s cradle of Humankind stems from the belief reliance that our work matters. Each action we take is one more stretch further, contributing to the positive change in someone’s destiny, whether for individuals, clients, or learners. Our 2023 theme, #WhatIDoMatters, echoes our unwavering belief that every action, even the smallest, has the potential to make a profound ripple effect.


We value the commitment of our teams, the confidence our clients place in us, and the collaboration of our partners. We anticipate a promising future sealed by continuous growth and groundbreaking innovation. Join us as we embark on an exciting journey into a limitless era of possibilities with Signa Group.