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The Power of One

The Power of One is a Signa Group initiative, where we encourage every person or business owner to make a difference in the life of one person. When this person is empowered they can, in turn, make a meaningful contribution to someone else’s life. In this way, the impact of the Power of One can be exponential.

At Signa Group, we believe that through the Power of One we can all contribute to changing lives – one life at a time.

Success Stories

Meet Puleng

After losing her job, Puleng enrolled in the Business Practice Level 1 qualification at Signa Academy. Her hard work led to several promotions and today she is an Education, Training & Quality Assurance (ETQA) Manager at Signa Academy. In six years, Puleng has turned her life around and she has changed her son’s future.

Meet Jonathan

When Jonathan, an avid soccer player, woke up one day with no feeling in his legs, he knew his life had changed. After applying and being accepted for a learnership for disabled people at Signa Academy, he graduated and is today a junior administration clerk in the finance department at Sign Group. Jonathan has changed his life and is helping put his sister through university.

Power of One ebook

Everyone has a story to tell. It could be a story about hardship, about determination, about a second chance, about hope. Through the Power of One, we tell these stories.

To read these inspirational stories, please fill in your details below and we will send you a Power of One ebook.

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