“I am where I am today because they took a chance on me.” These are the words of the diligent and tenacious, Ashandy Lewele, who after completing her #YESprogramme now holds a permanent post as an IT Technician at an international telecommunications company.


Ashandy describes an endless gratitude towards her sponsor company, Ctrack Fleet Management and Signa Opportunity. In her own words, she has expressed, “I am deeply appreciative to Ctrack and the Signa #YESinitiative. They have opened a door for me to expand my knowledge in my chosen career field and helped me to become a well-rounded employee equipped with invaluable skills. This opportunity has changed my life and I urge you to never stop your quest of #uplifting and #upskilling the youth of South Africa.”


Ashandy is paying the #PowerofOne forward by advising others to “Never give up and #staypositive. It doesn’t matter if it’s achievable or impossible, the important thing is your will to change.”


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