“Meet opportunities with preparation and dedication, and you will surely walk on your path to success,” Junior legal associate, Bethel, advises the youth.


Bethel Madida is a YES programme alum of #SignaOpportunity and has a Diploma in Law, under his belt. This ambitious young man is currently working towards his LLB qualification as well as a qualification in Corporate Governance Practice.


Bethel came across a YES vacancy on LinkedIn and eagerly applied. From there, he learned about Signa Opportunity and their #YESProgramme when they contacted him about his application.


In talking about his experience, he explains how his life has changed, “Signa Group hosted me for the duration of my #YESprogramme, which led me to establish my life as a professional and an adult in a personal capacity. I have gained immeasurable experience from my supervisor, who mentored me, teaching me everything from academic principles to having a full perspective of the legal, risk and compliance environment”.



“I want to thank my sponsor, Professional Cost Consulting for offering me the opportunity to pursue my very first job with #Signa Group and believing in me as their candidate”, Bethel expresses his gratitude. “Signa group means transformation and #empowerment for youth like me and a nod to a better future”, explains Bethel.


Bethel’s plans for the future include growing within the company and gaining new heights of knowledge in the legal field. He also plans to pay the #PowerofOne forward by mentoring and supporting learners the company receives from both internships and #learnerships. Furthermore, he intends to assist YES with an outreach campaign to get more hosts and sponsors on board, so they can further #impact more youth like himself.



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