Signa is providing people like me with a chance at a better life” explains a charismatic young man.


Brandon Pass, a head-strong millennial, who is visually impaired was referred to Signa Academy by a social worker working at the Athlone School for the Blind. He has completed a 12-month learnership and now holds a NQF 4 qualification in Project Management.


My advice to others is to “not let your disability become your identity, continue to dream big and remain focused on what you want to achieve. Signa has allowed me to make an impact on myself and on my community, and that means a lot to me.”


Brandon is a beautiful soul with a very bright future ahead of him. Since completing his learnership, he has become a professional body builder competing on both the provincial and international stage. Further to competitions, Brandon has also what he learnt from his learnership to start his own business that supports bodybuilders like him.


He plans to pay the Power of One forward by becoming a motivational speaker to inspire others to overcome different challenges in life and help them to pursue their goals and dreams through his business.