“Be true to yourself and be willing to sacrifice some things to build the career you want” these are the wise words of Claire Petja, a YES candidate who has been absorbed into Signa Opportunity.



Claire is an ambitious and passionate young woman, who had been previously unemployed and came across a YES vacancy on Facebook and applied. She now holds a permanent position as an Admin Assistant for the company.


Signa is providing opportunities to change the lives of the youth and grow them as professional individuals”, she explains. Claire expressed her gratitude by saying, “Thank you Signa, for making my dreams come true, I am learning and growing in the corporate world”. Claire reveals that she was really blessed to have gained work experience that is in line with her career path.


Claire’s plans for the future are to grow in the HR/Recruitment field and she plans to pay the Power of One forward by continuing to share job opportunities with other people, so that they can become employed and be able to take care of themselves.