The power of one chance given can be all that is needed to change the life of one young individual. This chance was seized by a determined and ambitious woman who was on the hunt for a job since completing her BCom degree. This woman is Danielle Tulsipersad.


Danielle grabbed the opportunity to become a YES candidate hosted in Signa Group as a marketing assistant. During her twelve months with the company, she gained quality workplace experience that equipped her with the skills and traits that made her a valuable member of the team. She embraced her own life’s motto wholeheartedly and proved that “when you get your foot in the door, grab every opportunity to learn and grow, and then become a better version of yourself.”


After completing her YES programme, her diligence and work ethic was not overlooked as she was absorbed into a permanent position with the company and Danielle had this to say for having been given that vital first chance, “Thank you so much for providing me with an opportunity that has changed my life. You have opened the door to my career and my future. I will forever be grateful.”

Fully aware of her position and knowing that there are so many more youth out there who are still searching for their first chance, she offers this advice, “Always look at the positive side of every situation. In every challenge there is a lesson to be learnt and remember to be grateful for everything good in your life.”


Danielle’s future plans are to continue to learn, adapt and grow professionally in the field of marketing. She further plans to pay the #PowerofOne forward by spreading the word about how Signa is empowering the youth and in her own capacity helping other individuals become economically self-sustainable so that they can in turn create a better life for themselves and their families.