Life is always ready to throw an obstacle in your way, but for Gabisile Kobo, “Nothing is impossible with God on your side.” Gabisile is a YES programme alum of Signa Opportunity who is now able to explore employment opportunities.


The young and vibrant Gabisile is a great example of how 12-months of quality work experience and dedicated mentorship can make all the difference. She was unemployed at the time when she found out about the YES program from her aunt. Shortly after applying, Gabisile became a YES candidate hosted in the contact center of Signa Group. In her own words, she has said, “Becoming a YES candidate has changed my life, I was able to save my car by continuing to pay the monthly instalments for it.”


After completing her programme, Gabisile is able to pursue other employment opportunities thanks to all her hard work and dedication to bettering her life and those around her. As an ambassador of Power of One and understanding the impact one small act can have on your life, she plans to pay the Power of One forward through offering her service and time to other youths who require a helping hand.