“Grab every opportunity that paves a way for a better future”, are the wise words of Ismail Mohamed, a former #YEScandidate who has been absorbed into Signa Group.


This driven young man came across Signa Opportunity after completing a learnership. He was accepted into the #YESprogramme for a 12-month workplace experience.


“I am so thankful for this opportunity, as it was presented at such an important point in my life, because I didn’t have a plan after completing my #learnership course”, explains Ismail. “This experience has groomed me into the man and the employee I am today, I am honored to be a permanent member of the team and give back to the company for providing me with my first chance at employment”, expresses Ismail.


Ismail plans to develop his skills and knowledge and looks forward to growing within the company. He also expresses his intention to pay the #PowerofOne forward by spreading the word of how Signa is changing people’s lives.
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