“Be goal driven, accountable and most importantly, don’t fall into the entitlement trap, choose ownership over entitlement.” This is Monicca Legodi’s advice to the youth.


This bright young woman found out about the YES programme, at Signa Opportunity through her sister, who sent her the post while she was studying towards her advanced diploma.


When asked about the company, Monicca explained, “Signa is an exciting company with a strong focus on facilitating hands-on experience and continued learning opportunities”.


She goes on to elaborate on the impact this opportunity has created for her, “My life has changed for the better, since I started the programme, the opportunity allowed me to learn, grow and change lives at the same time”. Monicca expressed her gratitude to Signa Opportunity by saying “I would like to thank you for being so generous, it truly means a lot to me.”


Monicca plans to grow into a more senior data analyst role and also plans to pay the Power of One forward by continuing to share opportunities with others and empower them through her story.