“It is possible to achieve your dreams, with God and hard work,” these are the words of Stoni Lawrence, a UP medical student who has been sponsored by Signa Trust.


After completing her matric, the young and ambitious Stoni was determined to study medicine and help her family and community. However, it would prove to be more difficult than anticipated. She had received a partial athletics/sports grant from UP but still could not afford the tuition fees. She turned to an established paediatrician who introduced her to Signa Trust.


Signa Trust is a Public Benefit Organisation that helps black females achieve their tertiary ambitions through bursaries, sponsorships, donations and other means of financial assistance. Stoni is one of eight young women currently being sponsored for their full-time studies by the Trust. She expressed her gratitude saying, “Signa Trust has helped me to achieve my dreams. They have contributed to more than just my life but the lives of all those that I will help through my career one day.” To continue the cycle of Power of OneStoni goes on to say, “I plan on specialising in sports medicine and serving both seasoned and budding athletes to optimal health.”