Signa would like to thank Tshepang for her moving letter that we recently received. We are truly honoured and hope your story will inspire others. It is amazing to see how one can make such a powerful impact. We wish you all the best going forward!


I am writing this email to thank you all for the wonderful support that you guys have given me through my studies there [Signa Academy]. I also want to appreciate all the things that you guys have done for me. I have been placed In Wynberg for workplace since November 2017 – November 2018 I signed a contract again for 6 months and they [the company] promised me a permanent position. On Friday, I signed a permanent contract as a PA. I am very thankful. I know that without your help and support, I would not have gone very far. I owe you guys many, many thanks.


There is one thing that I have learned in life regarding learnerships, it’s not all about the money it is about creating jobs and helping young South Africans with disabilities by giving them different skills to achieve their goals in life. My Motto is NEVER PUT DISABILITY BEFORE ABILITY” – Tshepang Madia