“We must never lose hope that something good can happen and remember that for something to happen we need to do something.” These are the wise words of Tumelo Sekgobela, a former YES candidate who is now employed at Signa Group.


Despite having a N6 qualification in Financial Management, Tumelo was a street vendor when he learnt about YES from an online website. He was accepted into the programme and during his mentorship at both Fibre Institute and Signa Group, he has learnt the value of real work and the essence of teamwork.


When asked about his experience, Tumelo shared his gratitude to his sponsor, thanking PCC “for all their hard work and the investment they have made to change the lives of our generation, especially mine.” He went on to say, “YES and Signa are so many things at once: a very diverse environment and it’s filled with opportunities and growth. I have had exposure to work directly with executives and directors, and the people allow us to contribute to the change we are a part of.”


Tumelo dreams of starting a Home Food Garden business, where he would like to convert the gardens of communities throughout South Africa into sustainable food sources. “My aim is to transform the lives of many brothers and sisters who have lost hope and to fight poverty,” Tumelo said. What a remarkable way of continuing the cycle of Power of One.